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With every school or university that goes solar, both the students and the taxpayers benefit. Even the smallest solar-powered schools can save hundreds of thousands of dollars in energy bills, amounting to millions over the lifespan of the commercial system.

Renovus Solar, based in Ithaca, NY, is committed to helping entrepreneurial school districts in New York save as much as 90% of the total sticker cost of going solar. By collaborating with teams of engineers, state energy performance contractors, and specialists at organizations such as BOCES, Renovus can help your school district or university move to solar power sustainably and affordably. Partnering with a solar provider lessens the stress of constricting budgets and enables administrative staff to invest in what matters most — the well-being of their students.

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Roof-mounted Solar Panels

Harness the power of the sun by installing roof-mounted solar panels on your school buildings. Not only will your school generate clean energy, but it’ll also save on electricity bills, reduce its carbon footprint, and provide an educational opportunity on sustainability for the students.

Ground-mounted Solar Energy Systems

For universities, ground-mounted solar panels are a viable solution to maximize solar energy production. By utilizing available land, Renovus can design and install ground-mounted systems that provide significant energy savings and contribute to the school’s commitment to renewable energy.

Community Solar

By participating in a community solar project, your school or university can enjoy the benefits of clean energy without on-site solar panels. This allows schools with limited roof space or shaded areas to access affordable solar power, reduce energy costs, and contribute to the local community’s sustainability goals.

Case Studies

Maine-Endwell School District

In September 2019, the Maine-Endwell Board of Education decided to partner with Renovus for the construction of a 15-acre solar field. The solar system was fully activated in March 2021 and is currently the largest owned by a school district in New York State to reach 100% solar offset. The district predicts to save $6,000,000+ in future energy costs.

Check out drone footage of the solar field or watch an interview with Maine-Endwell Superintendent Jason Van Fossen.

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Candor School District

Candor Central Schools decided to go solar in mid-2017. By December 2017, Renovus had designed, built, tested, and interconnected a 1MW solar array, saving the school district more than $10,000 monthly.

Take a virtual tour of the system via a 3D drone model, or watch an interview with the project’s champion, Superintendent Jeff Kisowski.

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