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Renovus Solar is an industry-leading solar provider based in Ithaca, NY, and serving homeowners, land owners, business owners and more. We offer custom and affordable solar solutions for residential, commercial, and community clients across New York State. Our team of local solar experts can help you go solar more affordably than ever before with options for leasing, energy storage, and financing solutions.

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Solar Solutions in New York

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What We Offer

Solar Solutions in New York | Renovus Solar

For Landowners

We handle everything from design and engineering to installation and maintenance. As a turnkey solution, landowners can earn revenue from their land without lifting a finger.

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For the Home

Our residential solar installations are more affordable and simpler than ever before. You can own a solar system that powers your home and saves money from day one while giving you free energy for decades.

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For Businesses

Any business that pays an electricity bill can take advantage of solar power. Solar energy production and storage options can help your business take control of your most stubborn expense line – your utility bill.

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For Schools

Going solar can save school districts thousands on monthly energy bills. Renovus has proudly designed and built solar arrays for school districts in New York State, helping them achieve 100% solar offset.

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For Developers

We provide large-scale solar development construction for developers across New York State. We handle everything from project design to final installation.

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Community Solar

We built the first NYSEG grid-connected community solar farm in New York State and have since added nearly two dozen farms across the state. Claim your spot today and join the community solar revolution.

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Renovus Has Been Serving NYS for Over Two Decades

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Testimonials From Our Satisfied Customers

“Dakota came and fixed my solar array installed by another company. The other company couldn’t fix it for two years. Dakota had it figured out and fixed in three hours. I am more than happy I called you guys.”


Our electric bill is now just $15 a month for the basic service charge! I think we’ll have this solar system paid for in five years.”

Diane & Rob

“I’m kind of a hands-on guy…I built my house myself. I know details about construction. People’s attitude and energy that they bring onto my property and onto my roof is important. I found the Renovus crew to be really in tune and fun to work with.”


“I think they were out here within 24 hours looking at the site! They helped me think through the whole process. How it was going to be done, what it would cost, and what the ancillary parts of the project would be. They were a really good partner.”


“We’ve had other contractors here and they really admire the quality of the work that Renovus does.”

Lory & Gretchen

Energy Storage

Energy storage systems like Lithium-Ion battery systems have become more affordable and available in recent years. This makes them an obvious choice for homeowners or business owners to install in conjunction with their new solar energy system. Energy storage systems provide many benefits, most notably protection against power outages and demand surge pricing.

Our Long-Term Partners

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How They Work

Solar Power Is Produced By Your Solar Panels

Solar panels on your roof or ground-mounted system will convert solar energy into DC electric power. This power then undergoes a series of steps before being used on-site or fed into the grid.

DC Power Is Converted To Usable AC Power

Your on-site inverter will convert your solar DC power into AC power, making it possible to use on-site, charge your battery, or transfer to the grid.

Power Is Stored In Your On-Site Battery

Solar power from your inverter will be stored in your on-site solar energy storage system until it’s full. These systems can be programmed to release power to your home or business at specific times or as required.

Choose What Your Battery Powers

While Renovus does not offer off-grid system installation, solar energy storage can provide self-sufficiency for specific areas in your home or business during power outages.

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