Community Solar is power for everyone. Everyone who pays an electricity bill can take advantage of solar power and save money, without installing solar panels on their roof or property. Community Solar projects are local, centrally located solar systems serving many households. You can meet 100% of your energy needs and eliminate your electricity bill with community solar. It’s decades of cleaner, greener power you own. And there’s flexibility like never before, you can take it with you if you move or re-sell to anyone in the region.

There’s space available on our next local project for you!


Our Projects

Renovus is leading community solar development in New York. We’ve installed the first projects in the state, enabling hundreds of local residents to finally go solar. We’re dedicated to being responsible stewards of our solar farms and invite you to learn about our practices.

We have projects under development throughout central New York and welcome you to become a member of our next solar farm!

Tompkins Solar Farm

Location TBD

Tompkins County, NY

Can serve any household in NYSEG Zone C

Space currently available

*construction begining Summer 2017*


Orange Solar Farm

Orange, NY

217.8 kW

660 solar panels

1.4 acres

21 households served

Enfield Solar Farms 1 & 2

Enfield, NY

622.2 kW

2,035 solar panels

3.57 acres

63 households served

Ulysses Solar Farms 1 & 2

Ulysses, NY

880.96 kW

2,652 solar panels 

3.43 acres

98 households served

Veteran Solar Farm

Veteran, NY

720.64 kW

2052 solar panels

2.56 acres

70+ households served

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