Solar power for everyone!

Community Solar projects (sometimes referred to as Solar Farms or shared renewables) are locally based solar systems that generate electricity for many households. Everyone who pays an electricity bill can take advantage of solar power and save money, without installing solar panels on their roof or property. Renovus is leading community solar development in New York State and our projects have enabled hundreds of local residents to finally go solar!


We offer two types of Community Solar, each with it’s own set of benefits

Community Solar Ownership

  • Your solar panels live on our local solar farm, instead of on your roof or property.
  • Get as many panels as you need to offset up to 100% of your energy needs with decades of clean, reliable power.
  • Reduce or eliminate your electricity bill by investing in 25 years of clean power producing solar.
  • Capitalize on the rebates and income tax credits available.
  • Secure your energy rate, support local business, & reduce your carbon footprint with solar.

Pay-As-You-Go Subscriptions

  • Purchase solar power from us each month, instead of buying it from your normal electricity provider.
  • 1-year subscriptions available: custom sized for you, based on how much power you use.
  • 10% savings vs. what you are currently paying for power.
  • No minimum income or credit requirements, and you can be a renter – all you need is to be currently paying an electric bill.
  • We’re currently taking reservations for these subscriptions, projects are still under development.

For current Community Solar Farm clients interested in looking at your system production, solar savings, account settings etc log into:

My Own clean energy portal

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