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When it comes to harnessing the power of solar energy for your home, trust Renovus Solar to help with the transition. Based in Ithaca, NY, we are a leading provider of residential solar solutions, offering top-quality solar panels and installations to homeowners in the region. Our experts will help you save on energy bills while promoting a cleaner, more sustainable future. With Renovus, you can take proactive steps towards creating an energy-efficient home.

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We are happy to offer a complimentary assessment of your home, barn, or garage to determine its suitability for a roof-mounted solar installation. Our experienced designers and engineers will optimize your roof space, ensuring a customized solution to maximize your savings. With our sleek and lightweight solar panels, the installation process is simple and has minimal impact. Additionally, our 90-day installation guarantee ensures you can enjoy the benefits of solar energy as soon as possible, saving money and reducing your carbon footprint.

Roof Mounted Solar Panels in New York

Customer Stories

Rob - 6.125kW Roof System

Rob is on the cutting edge of sustainable housing. He built his home as efficient and self-sufficient, with passive solar heating walls, on-site farming, and super-efficient appliances. Installing solar on his roof was a natural next step, but despite his experience in construction, he felt going with a known entity was important.

Rob worked with Renovus to design a small system that completely offset his already light energy needs. The team welcomed his hands-on approach, and together, he and the Renovus engineering staff designed a solution that is as effective as it is beautiful. Renovus’ work on Rob’s home was recognized as a SunPower Residential Intelegent Award Finalist, ranking it as one of the most well-designed SunPower systems in the country in 2011.

Scott - 7.2kW Roof System

Scott met the team at Renovus through an event held at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. He had long been interested in finding ways to increase his energy independence and decrease monthly expenses heading into his hard-earned retirement.

Scott called our team, and we went out to his property to check on the viability of installing an array on the roof of his barn. Scott’s utility bills were relatively small, so only a 7.2kW system was needed to offset his approximately $100/month energy bill. To this day, Scott receives clean power from the sun, and his utility bill is lower than ever.

Uwe - 7.2kW Roof System

Uwe owns a beautiful property in the Finger Lakes and has the perfect roof for a roof-mounted system. His flat roof and clear southern exposure meant that Renovus could construct a system that could capitalize on a nearly ideal solar resource.

Our crew was able to get Uwe a quote for his unique roof, source the panels, and get the installation moving well within our 90-day guarantee. To this day, Uwe can offset nearly all of his electricity costs and has remained a great advocate for Renouvs’ work.

Ron - 6.5kW Roof System

Ron’s system is a roof-mounted array consisting of (20) 320W panels powering an SMA Sunny Boy inverter. The system is estimated to produce 6,900 kWh/Year, which, at today’s electricity rates, is around a $760.00/year savings. As part of Ron’s project, we installed a home energy monitoring system that allows him and his family to track their energy use as well as their solar energy production.

“Overall, working with Renovus was a very positive experience. The crew was very organized and courteous and was always willing to answer any questions. At the end of each day, the crew ensured everything was picked up and cleaned. The best part of getting solar has been our electric bill. After our first full month after the installation, our electric bill went from over $200 to $36. This electric bill reduction makes my wife and I very happy.” – Ron

When Solar Panels Don’t Fit Homes…

Quality Installation

Ground Mounted

Installing panels on the ground is often the best option. With generous yard space, our ground systems are not limited by size and can be perfectly positioned for maximum sunlight exposure, efficiency, and savings. We pride ourselves on owning and operating state-of-the-art, commercial-grade equipment that guarantees the highest quality installation and service.

Ground Mounted Solar in New York

Customer Stories

Diane & Rob - 18.56kW Ground System

Diane & Rob were concerned about their energy use and felt that, especially in the current climate, solar was an investment they should make. They went all in, even upgrading some of the systems in their house to use more electricity.

Heating and electric bills were a major expense for their family in the past, going through 1,500-2,000 gallons of propane each winter. With solar, they decided to change to electric heat and have even considered buying an electric car to power their lives through their solar array completely.

Diane and Rob have been great client advocates for Renovus since their installation was completed. They have referred over a half dozen customers and even appeared in Renovus advertisements. We’re thrilled to have this forward-thinking pair as part of the Renovus family!

Lory & Gretchen - 10.29kW Ground System

Lory and Gretchen had recently installed a new roof on a beautiful barn behind their home. They approached Renovus to find out how we could make their barn work for them. Using a 10+kw system, Renovus could offset 100% of their electricity bill, saving them thousands of dollars since the installation was powered on.

They’ve been thrilled to become part of the Renovus family and have been even more excited about the fact the array hasn’t had one “maintenance day” since it was constructed. By harnessing the continuous power of the sun, Lory and Gretchen’s barn is no longer just a beautiful feature of the landscape; it’s their own personal power plant.

Social Responsibility

Community Solar

Experience the benefits of solar energy without any installation hassle through community solar farm projects. These locally based systems generate electricity for numerous households, allowing you to benefit from solar power without needing roof or ground panel installations. Renovus also manages system maintenance, ensuring optimal performance and maximum savings. Embrace the limitless potential of solar energy, free from any limitations. Learn more about community solar here.

Community Solar Solutions in New York

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