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As a leading provider of large-scale solar development services, Renovus Solar in Ithaca, NY, proudly offers its expertise and experience to developers across the state. With a stable track record of successful solar installations, our team of professionals is committed to delivering customized solutions that align with the specific goals of each project. Whether you’re working on a single solar installation or developing a comprehensive portfolio, trust Renovus to provide the necessary support and maximize the value of your solar project.

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Solar Solutions for Developers in New York
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We prioritize the optimal balance of size, energy production, and capital availability in our solar and energy storage systems. Each system is meticulously designed to meet the unique needs and specifications of individual sites, ensuring maximum value for our customers. Drawing upon our extensive experience in the Community Distributed Generation (CDG) industry, we offer solutions and expertise that surpass any other company in the region.


To operate at peak efficiency, our procurement process is integrated with our design process. Our dedicated project teams seamlessly manage supplier evaluation, solicitation, equipment manufacturing, delivery, installation, warranty, and commissioning. With over a decade of experience planning, building, managing, and maintaining large-scale arrays, we have developed a seamless process that ensures reliability and success.


We pride ourselves on our careful approach to executing solar projects, from planning to installation of critical components. Our teams work efficiently and safely to map a project’s major milestones to ensure continuity of operations. With our focus on quality, we ensure that your solar project is relevant and effective from day one of planning through launch.

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