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In the last decade, commercial solar has emerged as a smart and effective way to offset energy costs for businesses of all types – from retail operations to high-demand manufacturing facilities. With solar energy production and storage options, your business can take control of utility bills for good. Renovus Solar, a leading solar panel company  based in Ithaca, NY, helps businesses across New York State save money, invest in sustainability, and reduce their carbon footprint through efficient solar energy solutions.

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Commercial Solar Solutions in New York
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Three Money-Saving Possibilities

Roof-mounted Solar Panels

Our team will provide a free assessment to your business and design a customized solar solution that will maximize your savings. With sleek and lightweight panels, our installations are efficient, allowing your business to start saving on energy bills in no time.

Ground-mounted Solar Energy Systems

For businesses with space to spare, ground-mounted solar panel systems offer scalable solutions to offset energy costs. Our state-of-the-art, commercial-grade equipment ensures high-quality service, and the panels are positioned for maximum sunlight exposure, efficiency, and savings.

Community Solar

Join a community solar farm and enjoy the benefits of solar energy without the need for on-site installations. Renovus maintains the system on your behalf, ensuring optimal performance and savings. Take advantage of solar energy without any limitations on your property.

Customer Stories

Safari Smiles - 31 kW Roof System

Safari Smiles, a dentistry office located in Corning, NY was introduced to Renovus through a series of events held throughout the Southern Tier in 2015. Their electric bills gave them a toothache, and they thought a solar project would be a great remedy.

Despite being right in downtown Corning, their business had a beautiful flat roof that was a perfect fit for a solar project. Renovus got to work in early 2016, and due to the simple nature of the installation surface, we could outfit Safari Smiles with a 31 kW System in a matter of weeks.

​Now, Dr. Gonta and her family are all smiles and saving thousands on electric utility bills every year.

Greenstar Co-op - 130kW Community Solar

​Greenstar Cooperative Market is a growing food co-op in Ithaca, NY. With three locations serving everything from bulk to prepared foods, their energy demands have risen substantially in the early 2010s.

Greenstar came to Renovus hoping to realize a new dream, offsetting their energy cost with a green, offsite solar array that could supply energy to their largest production and packaging location on the west end of Ithaca. Renovus designed, permitted, and built their custom project in 2016, helping to make Greenstar the first co-op in the United States to be powered by a community solar farm.

In 2018, Greenstar expanded to a new, larger facility on the North End of Ithaca, NY. Due to the off-site location of their array, they can net meter their power to their new building and enjoy all the benefits of their solar investment at their new location. ​

Ithaca Beer Co. - 200kW Roof System

Ithaca Beer Co. came to Renovus in 2017 with a mission to offset as much of their production costs using solar. The brewery’s rapid expansion over the previous five years had increased both the electrical demand of the facility and the overall cost of operations. Ithaca Beer’s expansion also had an unintended consequence, creating a series of roofs supporting a large solar system capable of achieving its cost-cutting goals.

Renovus worked with the Ithaca Beer team and local financiers to help get clearance for the brewery to purchase a 200kW system installed entirely on their roof. This system, consisting of nearly 700 American-made solar panels, offsets nearly 25% of their energy needs during peak seasons.

Tompkins County SPCA - 46 kW Roof System

The Tompkins County SPCA moved into a new facility and immediately saw the need for solar to offset their energy costs. As a non-profit, every dollar counts, and Renovus saved them over $6,000 a year!

Why did you go solar?

We chose to go solar in honor of our 10th anniversary as the nation’s first LEED-certified Animal Shelter and to continue our commitment to sustainability. With advances in solar technology and the desire to lessen our reliance on fossil fuels. This was an important next step.

How has it impacted your business?

Going solar saves the SPCA roughly $6,500 every year. That’ll be $162,500 in savings over the 25-year life of the system!

Why did you choose Renovus?

We chose Renovus after working with a supporter of the SPCA who also happens to be a solar consultant. We were fortunate to have his help, and we felt that Renovus offered the best, most state-of-the-art components, the most comprehensive proposal, and the bonus of being a local company.

Two Goats Brewing Company - 50.7 kW Ground System

Two Goats Brewing switched to solar in July 2015 – another step in their continued commitment to environmental sustainability. We spoke with Jon Rogers, brewer and owner at Two Goats, about his experience switching to solar with Renovus.

Why did Two Goats decide to go solar?

From inception, our goal has been sustainability. Solar is one part of attaining that goal.

Why was going solar important for the business?

We hope our eventual model will be one worth repeating by others. We hope it will inspire growth in our region. In our present world, money seems to be exchanged for votes. We voted!

Why did you choose Renovus?

Good people, good service, good results!

What did you learn about solar during the process?

We learned we made the right decision at the right time to set an example for others to follow. It’s one thing to talk the talk about change. It’s entirely another thing to help usher it in!

How has the installation impacted your business so far?

People want to experience positive, conscious, deliberate change. We feel the support of our community, patrons, and industry. I look forward to taking an active role to help usher in what the future can hold.

HOLT Architecture Associates - 60.48 kW Roof System

​HOLT Architects is an award-winning architecture firm in the heart of the Finger Lakes. After 25 years, HOLT had grown to need a new office complex to house its growing professional and administrative staff. After finding a new building, gutting it, and rebuilding it to suit their needs, they knew addressing their energy was next.

HOLT has a commitment to sustainable design and construction and they weren’t about to abandon those values at home. Additionally, they are fully committed to the highest quality materials and installation possible. With all these factors in the mix, Renovus was an obvious choice for their project.

HOLT is now the proud owner of a 60.48 kW roof-mounted system that powers its main offices, all while reminding its staff and clients about their commitment to sustainability.

Vector Magnetics - 140 kW Ground System

Vector Magnetics is a small, private industrial company specializing in the design and manufacturing of imaging equipment for the drilling industry. They were interested in a solar investment for both financial and environmental reasons and subsequently became one of the first commercial off-site solar owners in NYS.

Vector Magnetics has been the proud owner of a Renovus Commercial solar system consisting of over 450 Tier 1 solar panels for over three years. This system has enabled significant cost savings for the company, resulting in revenue reinvestment and steady growth over the past few years.

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