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Our mission is to provide affordable, reliable, customized solar solutions for businesses, schools, and homes. You can rely on Renovus Solar’s expertise in the industry, as we have installed thousands of solar systems throughout the state over the past 20+ years. During this time, we have created a reputation for top-quality policies and excellent customer service. Contact us today! Our Ithaca, NY-based team is happy to assist you with any questions you have about solar panel installation.

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Renovus has been seeking out financial partners and negotiating loan packages on behalf of our customers for more than 15 years. Through our outreach and relationship building, we have built a network of local, regional, and national banks and credit unions that can help you make solar a cash-positive investment from day one.

Financial Partners

  • Alternatives Federal Credit Union
  • Visions Federal Credit Union
  • Dividend
  • Tompkins Trust Company

Customer Portal

As a Renovus customer, you have access to live monitoring for the life of your system. Click on the portal corresponding to your inverter or monitoring brand to access your system’s data.

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Referral Program

For every closed residential or commercial referral Renovus receives, we’ll write the referrer a check for $500 or more! No questions asked.

What to Know When Making a Referral

  1. When making a referral, let the person being referred know. If our team contacts them, and they were unaware they were being referred, then the referral payment is voided.
  2. A Renovus team member will contact you once your referral has been contacted to let you know we connected.
  3. Referral payments are made when your referral decides to work with Renovus and pays their material balance. Within a week, we’ll have a check in the mail with your name on it!

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