​Let's Take A Look at your results...

SO... What Are Your Options?

Not all utilities are created equal. Based on what you've told us you have a few options available to you:

​WHat size system do you need?

​Depending on where your system is located, you need larger or smaller capacities to offset your electrical bill. Without taking a look at your bills, we can't tell you exactly what you'd need, but with the info you've given us we can venture to guess that If you'd like to offset your electricity costs 100% you'll likely need the following on-site or community solar system size.

​How much does it cost?

​​We can't stress this enough; every system is different. This price is strictly a ballpark estimate based on your total system size. These final system costs also take into account all available incentives and grants. Consult with your tax advisor to confirm you can utilize the NYS and Federal Tax Credits before purchase.

​How much ​Will it save me?

​Solar will save you money, but just how much will probably surprise you. All systems installed by Renovus, wether on-site or community are guaranteed to perform for 25 years. Most systems will function at above 80% efficiency for up to 40 years!

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