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2021 Solar Incentives
 You did it – you made it through another cold and dark upstate NY winter. Now that the sun is[...]
Maine-Endwell Goes 100% Solar
Maine-Endwell 15-acre solar fieldIt’s full solar ahead for the Maine-Endwell Central School District! We are proud to announce that the[...]
The Advantages and Disadvantages of Solar Panels
Solar panels have their advantages and disadvantages just like any other investment. You'll save money... but what are the drawbacks?
Recorded Webinar – Understanding Community Solar
With Renovus community solar, anyone can go solar, anywhere. Check out this brief :20 minute webinar to understand all the ways solar can save you money and save the environment.
24% Utility Rate Increase for NYSEG Customers: How Can You Beat It?
​Fresh off the heels of a 15% rate increase schedule over the past three years, these utility companies have filed for a 23.7% increase for all NYSEG customers, and a 5.4% increase for all Rochester Gas & Electric customers. If you do nothing, you could be paying hundreds more in utility costs. We're here to show you how to beat the utility and avoid these rate hikes.
What Can Solar Companies in New York Offer You?
What can solar companies in New York offer you? The market is getting complex, and there are tons of options for residential and commercial customers. We're here to help you make sense of it all with this brief product guide.