​Solar Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

You've got questions. We've got answers.

​Choosing to go solar is an important choice, and we want to make sure you have the answers you're looking for. Below are some frequently asked questions that folks have needed answers to throughout the years. We hope that ​you find our answers helpful. If you ever need more information about a specific topic, please call our team and we'll be sure to help you in whatever way we can.

​How do solar panels work?

Solar panels have been around for more than 100 years, but solar systems are a high-tech combination of multiple systems. How do solar panels work, and how do some panels on your roof turn the sun into money in your wallet?

​How does community solar work?

​Community solar brings the power of solar to everyone, even those who rent. How do community solar farms work, and are they just as good as installing solar panels on your roof or property?

​WHAT is a solar farm?

​Solar farms are bringing the power of distributed energy to hundreds of homes across New York State. What is a solar farm though? How do solar panels in a field lower your electric expenses?

​what are solar incentives?

​You are eligible for thousands, if not tens of thousands in solar incentives when you choose solar. What are solar incentives, and which ones can you use to lower the cost of your solar panels?

​What is the cost to install solar panels?

​Solar panels and solar systems are less expensive than ever. What is the average cost to install solar, and how much money can a solar system save you every month?

​what is the rebate for solar panels?

​Solar panels qualify for tax credits and rebates that can put thousands back in your pocket. What is the rebate for solar panels, and are those rebates still available?

​What are the advantages and disadvantages of solar panels?

​Solar panels have their advantages and disadvantages. Our goal is to lay is all out, so you can feel confident in your purchase.