Year: 2019

How Does Community Solar Work?

Category: Community

Community solar is exciting, affordable and accessible to anyone who pays an electric bill. We've chatted with thousands of folks from all walks of life, and they all have the same question: How does it work? Read more »

Trendspotting: What to watch in 2019

Category: Solar in the News

Several big changes will be taking place in the solar market throughout 2019, and here at Renovus, we have some bold predictions about what it means for you, the solar customer. Let's take a look at our crystal ball and see what the future holds! ​ Read more »

Solar Incentives – What can you use in 2019?

Category: Solar Education

Solar incentives are exciting, but what can you take advantage of as a solar customer? We're here to help you understand what is available to you right now, so you can cash in on these savings before they disappear! Read more »