Scott’s Home

“I think they were out here within 24 hours looking at the site! They helped me think through the whole process. How it was going to be done, what it would cost, what the ancillary parts of the project would be. They were a really good partner.”


​Scott met the team at Renovus through an event held at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. He had long been interested in finding ways to increase his energy independence as well as decrease monthly expenses heading into his hard-earned retirement.

​Scott called our team, and we went out to his property to check on the viability of installing  an array on the roof of his barn. Scott's utility bills were relatively small, so only a small 7.2 kw system was needed to offset his approximately $100 a month energy bill. To this day, Scott is receiving clean power from the sun, and his utility bill lower than its ever been.

​By the numbers...


​7.2 kw Roof-Mounted System


​$1400+ per year


​May 2013