Rob’s Home

“I’m kind of a hands-on guy… I built my house myself. I know details about construction. People’s attitude and energy that they bring on to my property and onto my roof is important. I found the Renovus crew to be really in tune and fun to work with.”


​ Rob is on the cutting edge of sustainable housing. He built his own home to be as efficient and self sufficient as possible, with passive solar heating walls, on-site farming and super efficient appliances. Installing solar on his roof was a natural next step, but despite his experience in construction he felt going with a known entity was important. 

​Rob worked with Renovus to design a small system that completely offset his already light energy needs. His hands-on approach was welcomed by the team, and together he and the Renovus engineering staff designed a solution that has is as effective as it is beautiful. Renovus' work on Rob's home was recognized as a SunPower Residential Intelegent Award Finalist, ranking it as one of the most well designed SunPower systems in the country in 2011. 



​6.125 kw Roof-Mounted System


​$1000 per year


​July 2011