Lory & Gretchen’s Home

“We’ve had other contractors here and they really admire the quality of the work that Renovus does.”


​Lory and Gretchen had recently installed a new roof on a beautiful barn behind their home. They approached Renovus to find out how we could make their barn work for them. Using a 10+kw system Renovus was able to offset 100% of their electricity bill, saving them thousands of dollars since the installation was powered on.

They've been thrilled to become part of the Renovus family, and have been even more excited about the fact the array hasn't had one "maintenance day" since it was constructed. By harnessing the continuous power of the sun, Lory and Gretchen's barn is no longer just a beautiful feature of the landscape; it's their own personal power plant.



​10.29 kw Roof-Mounted System


​$1500+ per year


​August 2013