Ithaca Bakery

​Ithaca Bakery Went Solar in​ 2015.  



​46 kW

​​Type of Install

​On-Site Roof Mounted




​Ithaca Bakery is an institution in Ithaca, and they have long been pioneers of more than just delicious bagels, sandwiches and beverages. In fact, they became one of Renovus' first commercial customers when they installed a solar water-heating system back in 2003.

After realizing the savings they incurred from only offsetting hot water costs, they couldn't wait to work with Renovus again and save even more. Their opportunity came in 2010 when they expanded their main location on RT 13 in Downtown Ithaca. Renovus was on-site once again installing a 46kW system that covered roughly 70% of the locations total roof space.

The partnership has continued well into 2018, with Renovus and Ithaca Bakery participating in local charity events, giveaways and co-promotions yearly. ​

​Project Photos