Diane & Rob’s Home

​"Our electric bill is now just $15 a month, for the basic service charge! I think we’ll have this solar system paid for in 5 years"


​Diane & Rob were concerned about their energy use and felt that especially in the current climate that ​solar was an investment they should make. ​They went all in,  even upgrading some of the systems in their house to use more electricity. ​

Heating and electric bills ​were a major expense for their family in the past, going through 1,500-2,000 gallons of propane each winter. With solar, ​they decided to change over to electric heat, and have even considered buying an electric car to completely power thier lives through their solar array.

​Diane & Rob have been great client advocates for Renovus in the year's since their installation was completed, they have referred over a half dozen customers, and even appeared in Renovus advertisements. We're thrilled to have this forward-thinking pair as part of the Renovus family!



​18.56 kw Roof-Mounted System


​$​3000+ per year


​March 2015