December 2017 – 2.3 MW System

​Project Summary


​2.3 MW


​OCTOBER 2, 2017


​DECember 15, 2017





​Project Narrative

​Renovus was contracted on October 2nd, 2017 to engineer, procure and construct a 2.3 MW solar system by the end of the year. All Renovus installation teams were already fully scheduled with other sold work. In order to complete the project, Renovus took the following actions:

  • ​Renovus HR posted for temporary construction jobs and began interviewing with the goal of hiring 20-25 temporary employees;
  • ​Toolbox trainings, project site orientation, and training took place over the next 2 weeks with rolling interviews to ensure full mobilization.
  • ​Subcontractors were contacted for fence installation, concrete pads, and some AC electrical work;
  • ​The job site ​was primarily staffed with one Renovus crew leader and a team of 22 temporary workers;
  • ​6,408 solar panels were installed in 12 days;
  • ​Inverters were installed, the majority of array wiring, and DC pulls were complete by the end of October;
  • ​The project was mechanically complete by mid-November and was fully energized and interconnected ​in December 2017.