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​Community Solar is Now Available in Onondaga County!

We're building our first Community Solar Farms in Central NY!

​With Community Solar you can: 

​- Erase All Your Utility Bills

​- Go Solar, no matter if you rent or own

​- Never pay insurance or have to worry about panel maintenance

​- Get Free Power from the sun. 

​Let our team do a free analysis of your energy needs, and draft you an estimate today!  

What is Community Solar? 

Community Solar offers a solar power option to everyone who pays an electricity bill.

Community Solar has never been an option in Central New York until Now! Community Solar Farm projects are locally based solar systems that generate electricity for many households. You can take advantage of solar, without installing panels on your roof or property. We maintain the system on your behalf, ensuring it operates at peak performance. You can realize the big savings of solar, without any limitations.


​We understand that community solar is a new concept for many, and that sometimes when things sound too good to be true, they aren't. We promise you that isn't the case with community solar, and we want to prove it to you. ​

​Curious about if community solar is right for you? Download our Community Solar Guide and find out today!

​Does it Work?  

  Ask Our Customers.... 

Rob & Diane 18.5KW Ground System 

Our heating and electric bills have been astronomical in the past, we'd go through 1,500-2,000 gallons of propane every winter. Now our electric bill each month is just $15 for the basic service charge. I think this solar system will pay itself off in 5 years or less!

Scott7.6KW Roof System 

I think the Renovus team was on-site to better understand the project within 24 hours of our initial conversations. They helped me through the whole process. How the installation was going to be done, what it would cost, and all the ancillary parts of the project. They were an incredible partner, and the solar system they installed has been a delight since it was turned on.

Greg & Victoria Community Solar  

We love our wooded neighborhood, but it's not a match for solar panels. Thanks to Renovus' Community Solar program and experienced team, we were able to join the ranks of homes producing their own renewable energy!

Take Control of Your Energy Future

Renovus' experienced team of engineers, solar specialists, and finance pros will make sure that your home gets the custom solution it deserves. 

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