Loan Payments – Net Zero New Year - Renovus Solar


​You can live a fossil-fuel free life, powering your home with the sun.

Renovus is making it easier than ever to own your energy and save thousands on utility costs.

​Renovus will pay you to go solar, and kick off your new year with free power for life.

If you choose to go solar in 2019, we'll pay the first 6 months of your solar loan AND give you 1% cash-back when you purchase a system. 

​For the average customer, that's $1000 towards your solar system, Day One. 

That's $1000 towards freeing yourself from rising utility costs, unpredictable energy charges and the damage of fossil fuels.

So... what's stopping you from saving thousands and living Net-Zero in the new year?

​Renovus Solar | Ithaca, NY