Are you interested in solar farm land leasing or sales?  

​Solar Farm development is a great way for a land owner to pass along land to a responsible, environmentally conscious developer. Land leasing will guarantee at least 25 years of income for the property owner, and can be a low impact way to maximize the value of a plot.

Not all locations are suitable for land leases. Please see below before submitting your personal information or referral information


Land must border a three phase power line.

Three phase power lines can both distribute, and receive electrical current. Without a three phase power line present, a potential solar farm site becomes non-viable. Not sure what a three phase line looks like? Check out these references.


Land must b​e flat and clear of major growth.

​Past farmland that is not currently being utilized, or existing farmland that is being underutilized are often perfect for solar farm installations. Areas with heavy growth, or large areas of tree cover are not viable locations for solar farms. Renovus is currently developing sites 2 acres and larger.


Land must ​be​ ready for commercial development.

​Areas with high residential density are often not viable locations for solar farms. Solar Farms themselves are low impact installations, but most municipalities dictate that they be located away from residential neighborhoods. Areas previously utilized by farms or near commercial facilities are often ideal locations.

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​Get an INSTANT ESTIMATE​ With our solar calculator​​​

​Get an INSTANT ESTIMATE​ With our solar calculator​​​