​SOlar financing has grown up.

​Renovus has helped develop creative financing solutions that will make your solar investment cash-positive immediately. We wrote the Guide to Solar Financing to help you understand your options 

With creative solar financing, Renovus guarantees:

  • Your monthly payment will be less than your current electricity bill
  • With the right system, you'll pay zero in electrical costs
  • You can go solar for $0 down
  • Local banks and credit unions will offer fair, affordable loans for your solar system.

​​​​​Download our Guide to Solar Financing, and you'll learn about how financing a solar system can save you $600+ a year, and more than $15,000 over 25 years. 

​In this Guide you will learn

  • ​The cost of a solar system
  • How much solar financing will save you in year one, year five, year fifteen and onward.
  • How to prepare to apply for a solar loan
  • How Renovus negotiates with banks and credit unions on your behalf to guarantee smart loan products.
  • How smart financing can guarantee low monthly payments


​Download our guide to solar financing and we'll show you how our financing partners make solar simple, affordable and accessible.