Giving people their energy independence is a powerful thing.

We're on a mission, the same mission we've been on since 2003. That mission is simple, to help our customers go solar, and love every second of it. Renovus has installed thousands of solar panels across New York State, and through our 10+ years of helping our friends, neighbors and fellow residents go solar we've really helped change some peoples lives. At the very least, we've helped change the energy infrastructure of New York one kilowatt at a time. 

Our customer's story is at the heart of every decision we make. From the first time a potential customer picks up the phone, to every service call and customer appreciation event from then on, we aim to only provide solutions that make sense. Some other companies want to help you 10% of the way. At Renovus, 100% is all we know. 100% satisfaction guarantees, 100% guaranteed power for 25 years. 100% local labor using and installing only the best technology in the industry. We make these choices because they're in the best interest of our customers. That's why we're New York's fastest growing and most reliable solar installation company. 

The proof is in the pudding. Check out some of our customer stories below and learn about the Renovus difference. 

Check out some of our customer stories 

Roof & Ground Mounted Solar Systems


18.56kW Ground System


6.125kW Roof System


7.2kW Roof System


7.2kW Roof System


6.5kW Roof System


10.29kW Ground System

Community Solar Systems


7.56kW - Solar Farm 3


6.1kW - Solar Farm 1


12.2kW - Solar Farm 2


11.22kW - Solar Farm 5

Interested in going solar?

It all starts with a conversation. Request a free quote to have one of our local reps take a look at your energy usage and determine which size system will meet your needs. Feel free to pick our brains, that's what we're here for!