Simple, affordable financing makes going solar easier than ever.

​The cost of solar has never been lower, and now with the help of no-nonsense financing options, going solar is easier and more cost-effective than its ever been. 

Renovus has been seeking out financial partners and negotiating loan packages on behalf of our customers for more than 10 years. Through our outreach and relationship building, we have built a network of local, regional, and national banks and credit unions that can help you make solar a cash positive investment from Day One.

Some of our financial partners include:

​What does this mean for you?

What it means is now solar saves you money from day one, in addition to the tens of thousands of dollars it saves you over its 25-year life. To help illustrate what that means for your monthly expenses once you go solar, let's take a look at a scenario below. This hypothetical customer currently pays NYSEG approximately $100 a month. They have qualified for a loan with one of our partner credit unions. Once they have gone solar with Renovus their monthly energy expenses look like this:

Monthly Bill Before Solar 

$100.00 / month

Monthly Solar Loan Payment

​$70.00 / month

​MONTHLY meter fee

$15.00 / month


$​0.00 / month

​New Monthly cost with solar

$85.00 / month

15% Savings Year one​


With our financing options, you can own you very own solar panels and save more than any subscription service year one. Even better, your energy rates are locked in and your production is guaranteed for 25 years. Because of our financing, solar isn't just a feel-good investment, it's a smart choice and a clear path to erasing your energy expenses. 


The cost of solar is lower than it has even been, and energy prices are as uncertain as ever. The combination of financing and Renovus' 25-year production guarantee means that solar has never been a smarter investment. Reach out to our team today so we can get cracking on building you a custom solar system that will save you and your family money for decades to come.