​What is the Cost of solar?  

​Well, we're sorry to say there is no simple answer to these questions. Since every home and business has different energy needs, every home and business needs a different size solar system. Because solar is modular and easily scaled to meet your needs, the cost of solar panels will always alight with how much energy you use.

Lucky for you. We have a shortcut to the process of getting a solar quote. Click below to get an instant solar estimate using our solar cost calculator.

​What factors into the Cost of solar systems?

​Solar is a physical asset, like a home or vehicle. These systems are more than just solar panels, and your choices as to what components you use can make a big difference in your bottom line price.

The cost of solar is more than the sum of its parts, it's about how can this high-tech solution save you thousands on utility bills and erase your carbon footprint? Learn more about the cost of solar below by better understanding the components that go into a high-performing system.

​What incentives offset the cost of solar?

​Solar is a can't-miss investment, and one of the reasons is that the up-front cost of a solar system is directly offset by tens of thousands in tax credits, incentives, and grants.

These incentives are shrinking, so understanding what is on the table is essential. Want to know what you'll have access to right now? Reach out to our team and we'll do a free incentive analysis to show you what you are eligible to receive.