​Apply for solar financing

​Interested in financing your solar system? You Came to the right place.

​Finding creative, flexible and reliable financing partners is one of our most important jobs here at Renovus. Over the past 15 years we've done just that. We've created a solar financing product with our friends at Alternatives that is one of the best available.

Interested in applying? Follow the steps below to get started.


​Gather your documentation

​Before you apply for your loan, gather your documentation and digitize it if at all possible. Our partners at Alternatives will need the following to approve your loan and get the process moving!

​ - Two Recent Pay Stubs

- A Valid Drivers License

- A Copy of Your Signed Solar Proposal

​**If you're self employed the Credit Union will need your last two years of tax returns.


​Introduce yourself!

​We're a community business, and we value having community bankers! Please reach out to either of Alternatives' solar loan reps and let them know an application is incoming.


​(p) 607 - 216 - 3402


​(p) 607 - 216 - 3408



​Now you're ready! The online application takes less than 5 minutes. We'll see you on the other side! 

​Want to apply the "old-school" Way? 

​We don't blame you! Sometimes its good to pick up the phone or stop  by the office to make sure you cross your T's and dot your I's!

Feel free to call Asia or Renee to get your application started, or swing by and visit their HQ in Ithaca NY! Be sure to make an appointment first so they know you're coming! ​