We’re Prepared for Post-Tariff Solar Marketplace

Renovus Solar is prepared for the fallout surrounding the Trump administrations disastrous decision to impart a 30% tariff on imported solar panels. 

Our team had suspected some-variation of the tariff would be passed as early as November 2017. In order to help keep prices low for customers, we have stockpiled thousands of panels and hope to help more families and businesses in Central NY go solar at all-time low costs.

"The solar industry has been growing for years, but we recognized the potential that some legislation might upend pricing in the near future”  says Jon McNamara, CDO of Renovus. " We've been able to over-purchase steadily throughout the year in case of this type of decision, now we can give pre-tariff pricing to hundreds of post-tariff customers". 

The Renovus team has been working overtime since the tariff review was announced, and we expect our savvy customers to clean our their warehouse within months. By continuing to offer all-time low prices, as well as a variety of solar solutions to customers, We're convinced we'll be growing the renewable energy capacity of New York State for years to come.


​There's never been a better time. Panel prices are at all time lows, and incentive packages are at all time highs. What does that mean for you? Saving thousands on energy bills.

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