First Community Shared Solar Project in New York State


On Tuesday Oct 18th, with support from The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA), Renovus Solar announced the completion of New York State’s first Shared Solar Project. Shared, or Community Solar in New York enables a group of local residents to purchase solar panels located on an off-site solar array and receive credit for the power their panels produce on their individual monthly electric bills. This solar power can reduce or eliminate their owner’s electricity bill from the utility.

The completion of this project furthers the goals outlined in Governor Cuomo’s Reforming the Energy Vision Strategy, aimed at reducing carbon emissions and building the state’s clean energy economy. It is a step towards the goal of reducing the state’s greenhouse gas emissions by 40% from 1990 levels by 2030 and reaching the mandate that by 2030 50% of the state’s electricity come from renewable sources.

Locally owned and operated Renovus Solar, who designed, constructed, and self financed the project, hosted a ribbon cutting event at the solar farm site in the Town of Ulysses, outside of Trumansburg New York.

More than three dozen residents of Tompkins, Steuben and Schuyler counties have purchased 1,100 solar panels from Renovus Solar on this Shared community solar project, totaling 359.1 kilowatts of generating capacity. Some owners are offsetting multiple meters with their share of panels, and the energy this array produces could power approximately 60 average-sized homes. The project is estimated to reduce greenhouse gases by 220 metric tons annually, equivalent to taking approximately 50 cars off the road.

Photos of the solar array can be found on NYSERDA’s Flikr Page

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Quotes the NYSERDA’s Press Release about the project and event:

Energy & Finance for New York Chairman Richard Kauffman said, “We already know the Southern Tier is home to a thriving clean tech industry and now it can boast about leading the state with Governor Cuomo’s community Shared Solar initiative — a core component of REV. Completing this solar project is a testament to the community’s commitment in securing a cleaner, more resilient and affordable energy future for New Yorkers.”

John B. Rhodes, President and CEO, NYSERDA, said, “Governor Cuomo’s vision for a cleaner energy system for all New Yorkers has taken a huge step forward today. We congratulate all of the partners for making this investment available to residents who otherwise would not have been able to participate in a clean and bill-reducing energy system.”

Audrey Zibelman, CEO of the New York State Department of Public Service, said, “The Farm to Table movement in New York is now being joined by ‘Farm to Socket’ with the introduction of Community Solar projects under Governor’s Cuomo’s Reforming the Energy Vision. The Renovus project is great example of how REV is bringing new and greater energy choices to consumers, including the opportunity to share in the benefits of clean, solar power.”

Joe Sliker, President and CEO, Renovus Solar, said “The interconnection of this project is a landmark moment, not only for the dozens of local families who now have access to the many benefits of solar power, but also for New York State as a
whole. Community Shared Solar makes renewable energy possible for everyone; people whose homes and sites don’t qualify for solar, renters, and even low and moderate income families who never thought solar was possible for them. These projects have the potential to be a cornerstone of REV, and we couldn’t be more proud to be laying the tracks that will lead New York to a renewable energy future.”

State Senator Tom O’Mara, Chairman of the Senate Environmental Conservation Committee, said, “The ongoing research, development and utilization of renewable energy will be a central component of New York State’s energy future which must include clean, affordable solar power. I’m extremely pleased that these residents across the 58th Senate District I represent in Tompkins, Schuyler and Steuben counties have undertaken New York’s first, successful Shared Solar Project. With this critical state investment and support, these local residents are showing the way and demonstrating that these critical efforts can be achieved successfully.”

Assemblywoman Barbara Lifton said, “I am very happy that the first Community Shared Solar Project in New York is in Tompkins County. My constituents have long been leaders in furthering our renewable energy goals and technology, and have long recognized that Community Solar is an important step in providing renewables to more homes, businesses and institutions across the state. I applaud this project — and hope to see many more like it — in order to combat climate change as rapidly as possible.”

Dennis A. Fagan, Chairman of the Schuyler County Legislature, said, “In August 2015, I installed a 10.5 kw solar system at my home, in Tyrone NY. Since then, virtually all my electrical energy needs are being met with my solar system. I fully endorse the Governor’s NY-Sun initiative to increase solar usage throughout New York State.”

Michael Lane, Chairman of the Tompkins County Legislature, said, “From rooftop to rooftop, from panel to panel, the people of Tompkins County and their neighbors are embracing the use of solar power. They know it is better for our environment because it is innovative, sustainable, and reduces fossil fuel usage. Our residents are proud to be a part of this extraordinary concept of shared solar power. Not only homeowners, but other energy consumers will now have an avenue to access solar energy to help meet their power needs and to strike a blow against global warming. Our Tompkins County Legislature congratulates NYSERDA and Renovus on this wonderful 21st Century project. We are sure it will serve as a fine example for even more such projects in the future.”

Joseph J. Hauryski, Chairman Steuben County Legislature, said, “This is great news! To see a group of citizens coming together to be a part of a shared solar project speaks volumes for our future energy needs. This will benefit all of us in the Southern Tier. “


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