Community Solar is More Than Just a Product

Your community is special. There isn't another one like it in the whole world.

​Because every community has its own unique personality, our team has created a new energy paradigm in New York State; one that we think is bringing us all back to our roots.

In late 2013, the Renovus team was in the midst of ​an exciting period of growth. New York State had caught up with much of the country, and prices of solar ​arrays had fallen precipitously over the past half decade. As a result, the team was growing, and our community of happy customers was growing with them. 

As thousands of people across NYS started looking at their energy bills and saying" What about solar?", millions more were stuck with the stark reality that they could never invest in ​a solar array. Homes with shady roofs, those who lived in apartment complexes or families getting ready to move ​were stuck in a solar no-mans-land.

Jump forward two years, and Renovus had built the first-ever community-owned solar farm in New York State. Just like that, the script surrounding solar energy in NYS was flipped. Everyone could go solar, and communities got unprecedented control over the future of their energy infrastructure.

New York's First Solar Farm: Built by Renovus Solar

The term community solar is one that has ​adapted to ​describe many different niches of solar development. Strictly speaking, community solar is merely an off-site solar array that allows a customer to invest in or leverage solar energy without any panels on their roof or property. At Renovus we think community solar can be something more. It can be a way for a community to invest in its own energy infrastructure.

Every project we build starts with something simple; a conversation about the community we're working within.  When Renovus brought community solar to the people of New York in 2015, there were two principal reasons why our leadership thought this new type of development would be valuable.

The first reason is that we think it's important for people to own their energy, and know where it comes from. The grid is a large, nebulous entity. Utility companies are far from the most transparent ​in most cases, and as a result it's nearly impossible to know where your power is coming from. 

When a community decides t​o sign off on solar farm development, they are taking control of the grid and ensuring locally produced power is available. Most importantly, local investors can direct their money towards energy development that's both economically beneficial and environmentally sustainable. 

The second is that we believe everyone should have access to solar power. The path to "energy ownership" is relatively straightforward for those who can invest in onsite solar systems, they place them on their property and poof! Local power.

The same thing happens when a local community solar project is approved in a community. Everyone in that community is immediately able to invest in solar panels to power their home or business. No more limitations.  Every home, from renters to those located in dense woodlands can leverage the power produced by that solar farm.

​Every solar farm starts with a conversation​. Renovus is committed to smart, sustainable development. When we look to develop a solar farm, we'll speak with land-owners on transmission lines to ensure we're finding partners for whom solar farming makes sense. We'll work with community planning departments to ensure every box gets checked and every concern is heard. We'll host community solar events to ensure citizens have direct access to our experienced staff​ to get their questions answered in an efficient manner. 

Why do we take all this time to develop your community farm? Because your community is unique, there's not another like it.

If you are interested in community solar, either for your home or as a way to
maximize the value of land you own, please reach out to our team. We'd be thrilled to chat. 


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