Maine-Endwell Goes 100% Solar

Maine-Endwell 15-acre solar field

It’s full solar ahead for the Maine-Endwell Central School District! We are proud to announce that the school district’s solar energy project is now complete. District-wide, Maine-Endwell will generate 100% of its electricity use from the solar energy project and will start seeing savings immediately.

The project, which is currently the largest owned by a school district in New York State to reach 100% solar offset, began in September 2019, when Renovus and the Maine-Endwell Board of Education entered into a pre-development agreement and action was taken to enter into an Energy Performance Contract for the construction of the solar field. Construction began in July 2020 and was completed in November 2020 with the system being fully activated by NYSEG on March 23.  

“Renovus couldn’t be more proud to partner with the Maine-Endwell Central School District on this project,” stated Joe Sliker, President and CEO of Renovus. “Their commitment to saving taxpayer money with solar is the kind of leadership that provides long term financial stability for their district, and teaches not only students, but the entire community about the many benefits of renewable energy. Solar projects like these create tremendous bottom line benefits to the communities that host them and Renovus looks forward to partnering with many more districts across New York State to follow Main-Endwell’s lead in unlocking those benefits for their own communities.”

Renovus Solar’s Chief Development Officer Jon McNamara, shared, “we are incredibly proud to have partnered on this important project with the school district.”

Jon McNamara of Renovus and Jason Van Fossen, M-E Superintendent

“Through visionary leadership and foresight, the Maine-Endwell Central School District and Renovus Solar have created a thoughtful and responsible solution to our electricity needs,” said Maine-Endwell Superintendent Jason Van Fossen. “Equally important, we have created the opportunity for our students and staff to learn the value of renewable energy resources, while providing our community with long-term cost-savings.”


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