Investing in Solar Education: The New

It has been an exciting 15 years for Renovus.

​​Over the past decade, the solar industry has undergone a rapid transformation. Solar system prices have fallen, technological capabilities have increased, and wide-spread adoption of solar technology has brought us closer to a sustainable future than ever before. With this rapid change in the solar landscape, Renovus has undergone changes. In 2014, we moved from a small office on Ithaca’s West End to a state-of-the-art solar-powered home on Trumansburg Road in Ulysses, NY. Shortly after this exciting shift, Renovus changed the industry by introducing the first community solar farm in New York State, ushering in a new era of renewable energy adoption.

These changes have been humbling and exciting and they have pushed us as a company to continue to be ahead of the curve in New York. The latest chapter in our evolution is the creation and release of the new

​From the beginning, Renovus has held several core principals that have helped us grow as a company.

The first is a belief in the power of renewable energy. In order to thrive as a species, we need to evolve past our reliance on out-dated resources and develop a more sustainable energy infrastructure. Our mission as a company is to do everything in our power to make renewable solar power as accessible to the masses as possible and save our customers thousands on utility bills in the process.

The second principle is our commitment to our customer’s happiness. Every Renovus customer is part of our family, and
we want them to feel that they are at the heart of everything we do. Communicating with customers, fixing issues that arise, or coaching them on how to get the most out of their solar investment is a life-long commitment we take very seriously. 

 The last is promoting a culture of transparency and education. We stand by the sentiment that solar power; and harnessing the energy of our sun, is the closest thing to “magic” that we have on this planet. Even though the
technology is complex, we want our approach to installing and maintaining to feel simple and understandable. We have committed to meet homeowners, communities, and businesses where they are, and to explain their investment in solar in the clearest terms possible. 

​Our new website was developed with these core values at heart. Our goal at Renovus is to make solar simple and affordable for anyone.

New features like our blog, ebooks, and webinar series will aim to educate the masses about the process of investing in, and saving money with solar. This steady stream of new content will help us answer questions in the marketplace and share our immense knowledge of the solar industry with everyday consumers.

Our new events calendar will help us communicate with the communities across the state we visit every year to spread the word about the power of renewable energy and the impact it will have on our the local and global environment.

New communications tools such as our live chat will help demystify solar systems by connecting potential and current customers directly with our knowledgeable staff.

We’re so excited about this project, that we’re going to give away $100 each to 5 to lucky visitors over the next week.

If you explore solar on our new website and request a free quote, you’ll be eligible to win one of the $100 prizes to be announced on Wednesday, April 4th.

We’ll send you the check, you do with it as you please. 

We hope you stay a while, take a look around. As always, if you need anything we’re just a chat or phone call away.
We’ll catch up soon!


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