Meet the Team: Dakota Potenza

At Renovus, we’re in more than just the business of providing exceptional solar solutions for our customers. After all, what is the point of saving money on your energy bill if the solar installation process made you lose the will to actually enjoy your extra cash? Aside from increasing the amount of solar in New York, our ultimate goal is to ensure that all of our customers are not only happy with their systems, but their entire solar experience. Whether you’re a large company in need of a commercial installation, or an individual interested in rooftop solar, we want each customer to think back on their experience with fondness and, dare we say it, happiness.

Each member of the Renovus team prides themselves on being purveyors of top notch customer service. But, without a doubt, there is that one person who puts even us to shame, going above and beyond to answer any questions, comments or concerns. In fact, he’s so good at being helpful, we’ve even given him the greatest title ever bestowed in the history of our company. Ladies and gentlemen, it is our pleasure to introduce Renovus’ Director of Customer ​Experience, Dakota Potenza.

Dakota has worn many hats during his decade-long tenure with Renovus. But whether he was acting as project manager, installing panels, or preparing building permits for projects, Dakota still ended up being the go-to guy for answering questions or helping solve any customer problems. He is the knowledgeable and affable team member our customers turn to with questions, concerns, and help when they’re not happy.

So, how did we at Renovus get so lucky to have this friendly and down-to-earth guy on our team? After all, Dakota went to school for hotel, restaurant, and tourism management, not to save the world one solar panel at a time. After he graduated from SUNY Plattsburg, it didn’t take him long to realize that the corporate world was not ready for his unique skills and talents. Dakota quickly discovered that he preferred nothing more than forging personal relationships with the customers. After all, “[companies] wouldn’t exist if we didn’t have customers.” Through the powers of the internet, Dakota eventually found his way to Renovus. After starting as an intern “for like, one day”, we hired him and as they say, the rest is history.

Dakota’s diverse background in farming and restaurant management may seem completely unrelated to the solar industry, but his number one talent has always been making the customer happy and delivering what they need, when they need it. His natural skills have been such a good fit with Renovus’ customer service philosophy, it came as no surprise that he was eventually named our Director of Customer Happiness.

When he’s not busy spreading joy like the happiness wizard he is, Dakota really enjoys sports; he plays on a few hockey and soccer teams, and occasionally travels with his wife to Pittsburgh to catch professional sporting events. Something else that he’s into is music, especially the local music scene. But, what Dakota spends most of his free time on is completing “hands-on, tactile” DIY projects. “I love a good project, something that’s going to challenge me and add a new skill to the repertoire.” What can we say, this guy is just an overall awesome human being.

You might think that after ten years, Dakota would get tired of working with us and ply his trade with another company. Thankfully, that is far from the case. Dakota still enjoys sharing what he calls the “magic” of solar with our customers. Since day one, his favorite thing about the job has always remained the same – “the end of the day, when you hit the switch and sunshine hits the panels and energy for a person’s house or business comes out of the inverter, just doesn’t get old.”

In fact, Dakota maintains this joy with each and every project, whether they’re standard, run-of-the-mill projects or ones that presented unique challenges. One of Dakota’s most memorable (and favorite) projects was a residential solar installation project for a rather skeptical customer. As with any investment, some people are rightfully anxious that they’re not letting their hard-earned dollars go to waste. This particular customer initially seemed to have second thoughts about her decision to install rooftop panels on her home. But as Dakota and his partner continued working on this project, she became their number one fan, even insisting on making lunch for them every day.
It truly takes a person with a natural affinity for making people happy to provide such an enjoyable customer experience to everyone. We are so glad to have such a person on our team; Dakota’s attentiveness to our customers’ needs allows him to deliver exceptional and personalized solutions for each of our customers. He has been a phenomenal asset to our team for the last ten years, and we look forward to having him spread happiness to our customers for at least ten more.

If you are interested in learning more about our solar offerings, or just speaking with our Director of Customer Happiness, we invite you to contact us! We provide a variety of residential solar solutions: traditional rooftop systems, ground-mounted systems on your property, and community solar system ownership. Let us help you find the correct solar solution for your energy needs.


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