7 Key Considerations when Choosing Community Solar

​7 things to consider when choosing community solar.

Community solar is a new exciting way to go solar in New York State.

There's a lot to know about this new way to power your home, and offset all of your electricity costs. We've built more than a dozen community solar farms, servicing hundreds of homes and businesses. When researching this new option in the market, customers often have similar questions.

Today, we're here to show you the top 7 considerations when choosing community solar farms as a way to power your home.

​1. solar power works the same, regardless of your location

​Solar power is pretty straightforward, but sometimes the mechanics of plugging renewable​ power into the grid can be complicated. Community Solar uses a concept called Remote Net Metering (RNM) to help keep solar simple.

Under RNM rules, Solar Farms generate energy, and the utility agrees to compensate the owners of the solar farm a set amount for every unit of electricity they produce.

​Instead of offsetting energy costs directly at your meter, energy credits are sent to your bill which offset your costs digitally. The end product is precisely the same; you save hundreds of dollars using solar power.

​2. ​Community is growing faster than any type of solar generation.

Community distributed generation is the future of the grid, and community solar provides a unique solution to deploying predictable renewable power at scale.

The market has spoken, and community solar is being built at a clip never before seen in New York State.

Renovus built the first-ever solar farm in 2015; since then more than 1600 MW of community solar projects have been built in NYS. Renovus will be completing its 12th, 13th, 14th, and 15th solar farms in 2019 to meet this growing demand.​

Graph sourced from https://www.seia.org/state-solar-policy/new-york-solar

​3. You still own the panels, and all the power they produce.

​With Renovus solar farms, you still own the panels. There's no confusing subscriptions or long-term leases that will sink your systems profitability. Why is this important? When you own your panels, you can scale up your solar system to offset 100% of your energy costs: no roof constraints, no limit of 10% off your energy bill.

When you own your panels, you own your energy, and you get to keep more of your hard-earned cash. Community solar farms can rise to meet any home or businesses need; there's virtually no limit to how much of your energy consumption you can offset with clean power.

Learn everything you need to know about Community Solar.

​From pricing to payback periods, and everything in between. Our guide covers it all. Get yours for free!

​4. ​YOU can go solar for nearly nothing down.

​Access to affordable capital has been a major stumbling block in the development of community solar infrastructure. Luckily for you, Renovus has been brokering deals with Banks and Credit Unions for the better part of a decade.

The result of all that hard work is affordable, predictable financing that helps our clients save as much as 30% monthly, immediately. 

When you replace your electrical bill with a solar loan, you reduce the risk of rising energy costs, gain an equitable asset, and control the source of your energy. Talk about a triple win.

​5. ​ You're guaranteed for 25 years.

​Solar power is pretty dang reliable, and when systems do go awry, much of the troubleshooting and maintenance can is handled remotely. Even still, warranties make for a good nights' sleep, and Renovus' warranties are the best in the business.

Just like with our onsite systems, Renovus offers 25-year linear-production guarantees for all community solar systems. 

That's just a fancy way of saying: If anything necessary to the operation of your system breaks, we'll replace it. No questions asked.

When you invest in solar, you're investing in a bullet-proof way to secure your energy future.

​6.​ No type of solar is more flexible than community solar

​Onsite solar is an incredible resource, but what happens if you move? In most cases, it's not economical to rip down those panels and take them with you. You leave the panels on your old home, and all the cost savings that came with them also get left behind.

​This is not the case with Community Solar. 

Moving across town, or to a new city entirely? Just let Renovus know, and we'll shift energy credits towards your new meter.

Now, the 80% of folks including renters and businesses who couldn't have access to solar in the past, can cash in on the sun in a big way.

​7. ​It'll Save You A Ton of Money

​Bottom line, community solar farms are a GREAT investment. When you factor in the low monthly costs of financing, long-term benefits of owning your energy, and the immense immediate benefits that can be realized with available tax incentives and grants, solar is a can't miss proposition.

Our community solar customers see payback periods of 6-7 years and save tens of thousands of dollars. Every customer's need is slightly different, so everyone's payback will vary.

If you're interested in getting a free analysis of your needs, contact our team; we'd be happy to help.

Learn everything you need to know about Community Solar.

​From pricing to payback periods, and everything in between. Our guide covers it all. Get yours for free!

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