SINCE 2003 Renovus Solar has installed thousands of ​Solar Systems throughout New York.

​We build exceptional solar systems for homes, businesses, and communities that save money and provide reliable performance for decades. Renovus’ experience with these systems is extensive, and we have a reputation built on quality craftsmanship, excellent customer service, and solar industry innovation. We’re New York State’s leader of community solar development and are one of the area’s most trusted and recommended local energy service providers.

​"Our goal is to dramatically increase the amount of solar in New York.

Solar is simple and affordable. Let us share this power with you." - Joe Sliker, CEO

We’re a locally owned and staffed company with over 38 full-time, living wage positions. Our regional focus allows us to fully understand the challenges and opportunities specific to this area in a way that out of state companies can’t match. We invest generously in our community through partnerships with local non-profits and offer excellent benefits to our employees. We demonstrate a commitment to the environment with our free mobile Solar Power Station, much of our vehicle fleet runs on biodiesel, and our new headquarters is a LEED certified, carbon neutral facility.

Sustainability Commitment. At Renovus, we’re committed to running an environmentally low impact business that contributes positively to our community and planet. We power our fleet of trucks on a biodiesel and we have a number of hybrid electric cars to reduce carbon emissions. We partner with the Finger Lakes Climate Fund to offset our remaining carbon impact. They use such funds to promote regional energy efficiency projects that support our local economy and families in need. We’ve also partnered with Recycling and Materials Management of Tompkins County to facilitate a recycling program throughout our business, adopt greener purchasing practices, and reduce our waste. We’re committed to further reducing our waste through composting, supported in partnership with Cayuga Compost​.

Healthy People, Healthy Community, Healthy Planet. Ultimately, we’re dedicated to ensuring a healthy community and livable planet so that current and future generations can thrive and prosper. We know that means creating good, living-wage jobs and investing in the well-being of our employees. We strive to be a model for sustainable, ethical businesses, deeply invested in our community.

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