Your Journey to Buying Solar 
Doesn't​ Need to Be Confusing....

​Solar has never been a better investment. For that reason, Renovus thinks it's our responsibility to move the needle and help everyone get a hold of secure, reliable, and cost-cutting solar energy. The easier it is to understand the easier the process of buying solar becomes. That's why we created our Buyers Guide to Solar, to make the process easier to understand. This free piece of content can be downloaded below, but here is a taste of what's to come:


​What company should you choose? What equipment? Are there other considerations you should make like financing products? ​We'll give you a 101 on research your solar partners and products.


​Do you plan on choosing a company that does installations only, or maybe a company who can navigate all the sun patterns, optimizations and permitting? The right partner makes all the difference.


​How long do installations take? What type of impact will they make on my home or business? What about long term maintenance? We'll cover it all.


​How much will I really save! We'll give you a run-down of how to think about your investment, and some expected returns.

​Sound Good? Well let's get going then! 

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