We’re empowering our community by growing solar!

The sustainable energy revolution is underway. Local residents and businesses are saving money and the planet by switching to solar. We’re partnering with nonprofits so that they can benefit from the power of the sun too!

We’ll give your organization $250 – $500 for every supporter who goes solar with us.

How does this program work?

  1. Enroll your nonprofit in the program and we’ll send you a turnkey fundraising toolkit and support you in launching the program. It’s easy to participate & free for your organization! Contact Sarah Kelsen to get started
  2. Use the toolkit for community outreach to your network of supporters. The toolkit includes a program guide, sample outreach email, graphics for social media, and everything else you need to start fundraising.
  3. Submit supporter referrals to us via a simple online form. We’ll contact them within a week about going solar.
  4. Earn money! For every supporter you refer us who goes solar we’ll send you $250 (for systems up to 9kW) or $500 (for systems larger than 9kw) when the project gets installed.

Why go solar?

Solar is good for the planet and your wallet. It’s a mature, widely deployed technology that produces clean power that costs less than you currently pay for electricity. There are simple, affordable solar solutions for homeowners, businesses, renters and nonprofits, including the new community solar option – roof no longer required! Solar is energy independence for good, protecting you against rising electricity costs while reducing your carbon footprint and reliance on fossil fuels.

Why choose Renovus?

Renovus Solar is a local company, committed to serving our community as we build the sustainable energy future. Since 2003, we’ve designed and constructed thousands of renewable energy projects that provide reliable clean power for decades. Our reputation is built on providing affordable energy solutions with transparent process, the highest quality products in the industry, efficient installation, and excellent customer service.

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If my organization gets involved, what’s required of us?

There is zero cost to participate, just the opportunity to generate revenue for your non-profit. You can refer as many or as few of your supporters as you want but more referrals you send our way, the more money you can expect to earn.

When will my organization receive our funds?

We’ll send you a check within 30 days every time one of your supporter’s projects is completed.

Are there any strings attached to this money?

Nope, the referral payments are unrestricted funds, simple donations that go straight to your organization to use however you choose (no grant reports required!).

Can we take advantage of this promotion more than once?

Yes, that’s the beauty of this program – your organization can refer as many supporters as you’d like, and earn money for all of them that make the switch to solar!

How much money can we expect to raise?

That’s up to you – you can refer as many supporters as you’d like and earn revenue for all of them who go solar! For every supporter you refer us who goes solar we’ll send you $250 (for systems up to 9kW) or $500 (for systems larger than 9kw) when the project gets installed.

How much effort does it take to participate in this program?

We’ve designed this program to be simple and easy for you to participate in. We’ll provide you with a tool kit of outreach materials and an easy form to submit referrals to us. And we recognize that every nonprofit is different – we’re here to support you in tailoring this program to work best for you. Best of all, the funds you’ll earn are unrestricted donations – no grant reports required or justification.

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If you’d like to sign up your organization to Fundraise with Sun Rays, have questions, or want to check on the status of your supporter referral payments contact program coordinator Sarah Kelsen or 607-277-1777. 


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