Two Goats Brewing

  • Commercial

July 2015
50.7 kW
Commercial Ground Mounted System

Two Goats Brewing made the switch to solar in July, just another step in their continued commitment to environmental sustainability. We spoke with Jon Rogers, brewer and owner at Two Goats, about his experience switching to solar with Renovus.

“It’s one thing to talk the talk about change, it’s entirely another thing to help usher it in!”

Why did Two Goats decide to go solar?
From inception our goal has been sustainability. Solar is one part of attaining that goal.

Why was going solar important for the business?
We hope our eventual model will be one worth repeating by others. We hope it will inspire growth to our region. In our present world, money seems to be exchanged for votes. We voted!

Why did you choose Renovus?
Good people, good service, good results!

What did you learn about solar during the process?
We learned we made the right decision at the right time to set an example for others to follow. It’s one thing to talk the talk about change, it’s entirely another thing to help usher it in!

How has the installation impacted your business so far?
People want to experience positive, conscious, deliberate change. We feel the support of our community, our patrons, and our industry. I look forward to taking an active role to help usher in what the future can hold.

Visit Two Goats for a solar-powered pint, original live music, a delicious dinner, and a breathtaking view of Seneca Lake.

5027 State Rt. 414, Hector, NY