Rob & Diane

  • Residential

March 2017
18.56 kW Residential Ground Mounted System
58 Solar panels

Why did you choose to go solar?

We were concerned about our energy use and felt that especially in the current climate that this was something we could do. It’s been everything we hoped it would be. We’ve even upgraded some of the systems in our house to use more electricity. Our heating and electric bills have been astronomical in the past, we’d go through 1,500-2,000 gallons of propane each winter. With solar, and as we change over to electric heat, we’re hoping to use very little this winter. And since getting our solar system we’re much more aware of our energy consumption. We love to see how much electricity our system is producing and use it instead. We’re even thinking of adding an electric vehicle and figuring out more ways to convert to electric and cut our consumption.

What’s your electricity bill been like since your solar installation?

Our electric bill is now just $15 a month, for the basic service charge! I think we’ll have this solar system paid for in 5 years, considering the size of our electric bill, the amount of energy we use, and plans to get an electric car. It’s a win-win situation. It just sits there and makes electricity. It doesn’t make any noise, there are no moving parts. We were able to get a home equity loan that’s low interest, and there’s a solar tax deduction. The timing was good and we know it’s going to help the resale value of our house.

What was the process of going solar with Renovus like for you?

It was totally painless. Right from the get go, from the initial conversation through the installation, everybody I talked to was very friendly and put up with all my questions. I’m in the contracting business, so I know a little bit about how things should go, and it was clear that everybody knew their job and was very professional. Despite the fact that it rained a lot and was pretty muddy during the installation, the conditions definitely weren’t perfect, they took the extra time to get it right. They didn’t leave any ruts in the yard! Dakota, the Customer Happiness Director, came out after the installation to go over everything with us, and I asked him even more questions. He answered every one. And now, if I have questions at any point I can just call up the office and Ryan will find out the answer and get right back to me. Everything’s been great. We would recommend going solar with Renovus to anyone, in fact we already have!