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What Community Solar? 

Renovus Community Solar is a centralized solar array, located on a site with perfect solar resource that serves many households. Once you sign up, you’ll start to receive credits on your electric bill for the solar power produced by your panels, the same way you would if they were on your roof. It enables everyone who pays an electricity bill, a homeowner, renter, or business to take advantage of solar power because you no longer need to own a viable site for solar. You can meet up to 100% of your energy needs with solar and with Community Solar there’s no size limit!

What about installing solar on my property?

Solar can be installed on rooftops or on the ground – on houses, garages, barns, and other buildings, both residential and commercial properties – if the conditions are ideal. Generally south facing sun-filled spaces, free of shade from trees, other buildings, roof gables, & chimneys are best for solar panels. Another factor we consider is the amount of space available – we aim to help you offset up to 100% of your energy needs – depending on the size constraints you may or may not be able to fit enough solar panels on your site to cover you. As a basic rule of thumb, an common small to mid sized system (about 30 panels) takes 500-600 sq ft of roof or ground space. Our exert team is happy to let you know if you have a good solar site and if onsite panels would be your best fit. Get in touch with us via: renovussolar.com/contact

How much money will I save with Community Solar?

It depends on how much you spend on electricity and how much you want to save. You can offset up to 100% of your electricity usage with solar. Try our interactive Community Solar savings calculator for a quick snapshot of your potential savings: renovussharedsolar.com. You can also use this tool to refine your system selections online or reach out to one of our Solar Specialists to customize a proposal will that will provide your exact system savings. Questions? Call us! (607) 277-1777.

How much does Community Solar cost?

The cost of owning solar on the Renovus Community Solar farm is similar to a comparable roof mounted solar array. The overall costs depends on how many solar panels you buy to meet your individual energy needs.

How does Community Solar work? 

It’s simple – Renovus Community Solar farms produce electricity that feeds into the utility grid. You then receive credit for the full retail rate of your portion of that power. Thanks to a law called net metering, you get credit for the full retail rate regardless of whether your panels are on your roof, or on a Renovus Community Solar farm.

What is the payback period? 

Payback rates vary depending on what you pay for electricity. We will detail exactly what you’ll save with solar on your personal proposal. Generally the payback period ranges from as few as 5 years up to 15. Variations in the payback are determined by utility rates, available rebates, and financing method rates.

Is there any maintenance required with Community Solar?

No. All maintenance, service, and insurance is provided by Renovus Community Solar. For a small monthly fee – that’s less that what you’ve already been paying to stay connected to the grid – we handle all the ongoing operations and maintenance of the Renovus Community Solar farms. This fee also covers the insurance, performance guarantee, billing administration, and reporting to the utility.

Is there financing available? 

Yes! We work with a number of great financial partners and our Solar Specialists are happy to help you get connected so that you can find the best fitting financing option.

Are there tax benefits available?

Yes! There are federal tax credits available. For Community Solar projects, these credits cover up to 30% of the cost, depending on your tax liability. These are dollar for dollar reductions on your taxes. We’re happy to talk through all the benefits available with you.

Will I still have a power bill? 

Yes, but it will be a whole lot less. You still have to pay a small monthly fee to the utility to remain connected to the grid, but solar can cover all of the other costs.

How do I sign up?

If you’re interested in making the switch to solar, simply log onto our platform today & click “Get Started” – renovussharedsolar.com

How do I lease or sell my land for a Solar Farm project?

Send us your information via our easy online contact form: renovussolar.com/landleasing and we will let you know whether your site is viable for a solar farm!

How does solar electricity work?

Solar photo-voltaic (PV) systems generate infinitely renewable, clean energy!  Most systems we install are grid connected which means that excess energy produced “turns your meter backwards”. Because of Net Metering, the power company holds this surplus for you to use within the year with no penalty. Generally, if a system is sized for 100% of your usage you will create a substantial surplus in the summer. You then use that surplus at night and through the winter months. Because you are grid connected, you will always have the energy you need when you need it, even when it’s dark or snowy. Your solar system will be working every day to reduce or eliminate your electric bills.

How do you measure electricity & get credit for it?

Power is measured in watts – 1,000 watts (W) = 1 kilowatt (kW).  When we talk about system size, we refer to the rating in watts or kilowatts which is an indication of how much it can produce at a given time. The electricity that solar panels produce is measured in kilowatt hours (kWh), the same unit of energy that sold by your utility. We will let you know how many kWh you can expect to produce each year. This will be dependent not only on the system rating, but how much sun falls on the panels throughout the year. You get credit for each kWh produced through the year at the same rate that they charge you for the energy.

What are the environmental benefits to going solar?

Photo-voltaic solar systems generate clean pure renewable energy from the sun! Switching to solar helps combat greenhouse gas emissions & reduces our dependence on fossil fuel. Electricity is often sourced from burning coal & natural gas, the toxic gasses emitted in the process are the primary cause of pollution & climate change. If that wasn’t enough – unlike the sun, fossil fuels are a finite resource, so their limited availability creates a volatile market.

What happens if the power goes out?

If there is a power outage your solar array will shut down safely.  Systems are required to not put energy on the power line to protect utility workers in the area working to get the power back on & need to work safely. If you have frequent outages and need to operate while the grid is down, we can install a system that does this.  Providing backup power adds additional components and expense to your system not needed for the other benefits of solar. Please let us know if you are interested in backup power and we will help with options specific to your situation.

What if it’s cloudy or raining?

Photovoltaic panels can use direct or indirect sunlight to generate power. They are most effective in direct sunlight, but still work even when the light is being reflected or partially blocked by clouds. Rain can help your panels operate efficiently by washing away dust, dirt or any debris that would block sunlight. Your system’s predicted annual production includes factoring in that not every day in Tompkins County is bright & sunny.

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We’ve held community solar events throughout the Finger Lakes region. If you’re interested in hosting us or having us come to your town please let us know marketing@renovussolar.com

June 28th, 2017: The Radisson Hotel Corning, NY
June 27th, 2017: Seymour Library Auburn, NY
June 20th, 2017: The Candor Library Candor, NY
May 25th, 2017: Renovus Solar Campus Ithaca, NY
May 24th, 2017: Cornell Lab of Ornithology Ithaca-Lansing, NY
May 16th, 2017: Marcellus Free Library Marcellus, NY
May 9th, 2017: Finger Lakes On Tap Skaneateles, NY
May 3rd, 2017: Vestal Public Library Vestal, NY
April 25th, 2017: TC3 Downtown Cortland Campus Cortland, NY
April 19th, 2017: Seymour Library Auburn, NY
April 13th, 2017: George F Johnson Memorial Library Endicott, NY
April 10th, 2017: Moravia Volunteer Fire Department Firehouse Moravia, NY
April 5th, 2017: Wells College Aurora, NY
March 1st, 2017: Top of the Lake Restaurant Penn Yan, NY
Feb 22nd, 2017: Tanino’s Ristorante Italiano Horseheads, NY
February 15, 2017: The Best Western Hotel Hammondsport, NY
February 1st, 2017: The Radisson Hotel Corning, NY
January 18th, 2017: Ranch 226 Bradford, NY
November 15th, 2016: The Heights Restaurant Ithaca, NY
October 17th, 2016: The Rongovian Embassy Trumansburg, NY
June 21st, 2016 : Seneca Lodge Watkins Glen, NY
June 18th, 2016: Tioga Downs Casino Nichols, NY
June 15th, 2016: Ray’s Restaraunt Canandaigua, NY
June 4th, 2016: Solar for Everyone Kickoff Event! Pay-As-You-Go Community Solar Launch at the Ithaca Festival
June 1st, 2016: Cortland Beer Company Cortland, NY
May 28th & May 29th, 2016: GrassRoots Big Splash Tioga County Fairgrounds Owego, NY
May 25th, 2016: Horseheads Brewing Horseheads, NY
May 17th, 2016: Sponsoring An Evening with David Greene NPR Morning Edition co-host at Syracuse Stage
May 16th, 2016: North Onondaga Public Library at Cicero Cicero, NY
May 11th, 2016: Skaneateles Historical Society Skaneateles, NY
May 10th, 2016Syracuse Dinosaur Bar-B-Que Syracuse, NY
May 4th, 2016: DeWitt Community Room DeWitt, NY
May 3rd, 2016: Seymour Library Auburn, NY
April 25th, 2016: Manlius Library Manlius, NY
April 20th, 2016: Syracuse Center of Excellence Syracuse, NY
April 20th, 2016: Marcellus Free Library Marcellus, NY
April 18th, 2016: LaFayette Public Library Lafayette, NY
April 16th, 2016: The Aurora Inn Lakeside Room, Aurora, NY
March 31st, 2016: Vestal Public Library Vestal, NY
March 29th, 2016: Guernsey Memorial Library Norwich, NY
March 26th, 2016: Rogues’ Harbor Inn Lansing, NY
March 22nd, 2016: Ithaca Beer Company Ithaca, NY
March 15th, 2016The Space Ithaca *For Nonprofits & Municipalities*
March 7th, 2016: The Autumn Cafe Oneonta, NY
March 3rd, 2016: River Read Books Binghamton, NY
Feb 25th, 2016: Hopshire Farm & Brewery Freeville, NY
Feb 20th, 2016: Tioga Downs Casino Nichols, NY
Feb 18th, 2016: Cortland Beer Company Cortland, NY
Feb 10th, 2016: Horseheads Brewing Company Horseheads, NY 
Feb 3rd, 2016: Two Goats Brewing Company Hector, NY
Dec 9th, 2015: Dinosaur BBQ Syracuse, NY 
Dec 3rd, 2015: Cortland Beer Co. Cortland, NY 
Dec 2nd, 2015: Center Ithaca Ithaca, NY 
Nov 19th, 2015: Wine & Culinary Center Canandaigua, NY
Oct 15th, 2015: Castel Grisch Watkins Glen, NY
Oct 5th, 2015: FarmHouse Brewery Owego, NY 
Sept 30th, 2015: Two Goats Brewing Hector, NY 
Sept 28th, 2015: Horseheads Brewing Horseheads, NY 
Sept 17th, 2015: Corning Museum of Glass Corning, NY
Aug 25th, 2015: Bacchus Brewing Co. Dryden, NY  
Aug 19th, 2015: Enfield Valley Grange Enfield, NY  
Aug 17th, 2015: The Rongovian Embassy Trumansburg, NY  
Aug 13th, 2015: Hopshire Farm & Brewery Danby, NY 
Aug 12th, 2015: Town Hall of Danby Danby, NY  
Aug 11th, 2015: The Space at GreenStar Ithaca, NY  
Aug 4th, 2015: Ithaca Beer Co. Ithaca, NY 

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