Commercial Solar Solutions
For your bottom line, and your company's future.

Solar energy cuts operating costs, secures your energy rate and can be cash positive immediately

​We offer affordable commercial solutions for all kinds of clients. With the power of solar, your business can be energy efficient, environmentally responsible and save money.

Renovus Solar prides itself on its ability to demystify solar with straightforward plans and a transaparent process. This includes using trusted financiers, rebate partners and the highest quality technology available.

Since 2003 we have installed more solar arrays than any provider in Central NY. Everything we offer is custom to your business, your needs, and your best interests. Reach out and our team will show you how going solar is simpler and more affordable than ever. ​

Custom Solutions.
Because Your Business is One-Of-A-Kind.


​Send power from a ground mounted array on-site straight to your business, offsetting your energy costs.


​Got a great roof? Well, we can make it better. Add Renovus solar and watch your energy costs dissappear.

​Community Solar

​Our most flexible option. Add panels to one of our solar farms and we'll apply credits directly to your bill. Any business is eligable, even renters!

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We've Been Doing This A While......
Check out some of our solar success stories throughout the years.


​140 kw - Ground Mounted Remote Solar Array


​130 kw - Ground Mounted Remote Solar Array


​210 kw - Ground Mounted Remote Solar Array


​45.64kw Roof-Mounted System


​56kw Roof-Mounted System


​46kw Roof-Mounted System